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New Local Calling Area
EasyOn add Canada Local Calling as a service area for hosted and trunking services.

Remote Phone Feature
Remote phone feature allows telecommuters to become part of a hosted phone environment from any land line phone or cell.

New Fax to Email Service
Enhancement to fax to email services now include a hardware based fax port for traditional fax equipment.

Data Center Improvements
Data Center improvements and infrastructure allowing for increased licensing and expansion.

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About EasyOn Telecommunications

EasyOn Telecommunications is one of the only Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) carriers in the market with over one hundred years of telecommunication history. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Doylestown Communications (an Ohio ILEC since 1899), EasyOn Telecommunications is the next step in converging the stability of traditional phone services with technological advances of VOIP. Since business grade Voice Over IP or digital phone service began, there have been huge improvements in service quality and advancements in calling features. EasyOn has leveraged this background and experience to stay ahead of the technology curve and make development decisions that form steady growth.

EasyOn's mission is to consistently offer the highest quality voice service experience. We base our company on a strong infrastructure of our customers, our employees and our technology.

Each EasyOn customer adds value to our organization from a single hosted customer to our largest VOIP connections. We approach each interaction with our customers with integrity, honesty and a willingness to do what it takes to provide the proper level of service. Early adopters and cutting edge companies were the first to experience the benefits associated with Internet based telecommunications and we hope you are next.

Our Network

The data network that is the backbone of our business is built for flexibility and capacity. Comprised of fiber facilities, EasyOn reaches metro markets as well as rural communities with a level of service and connectivity that cannot be matched by local or national providers.